MimiFUND USA Sea Level Rise Impacts

The MimiFUND USA sea level rise impacts appears to have a spike in Enter costs and a discontinuity in the Wet costs.
See my graph : https://www.dropbox.com/s/5jp7c0lnc9wcnfl/US_Sea_Level_Impacts.jpg?dl=0

Sea Level cost have 5 components. The total SL Loss and Wet costs are on the left scale, others on the right scale.

The Wet costs increase to $18.3 billion in 2266, then goes to zero. There is a spike of enter costs in 1999 of $1.42 billion. What are the reasons for this?

Hi @KGregory this is something I have also noticed when doing some Monte Carlo work in FUND, and probably indicates a small issue with the equations or corner cases of that function within FUND. It’s more of a FUND-based question than a Mimi-based question, so this isn’t quite the right forum for discussing it, but know I have noticed this as well!

Hi Irennels,
These sea level impacts were run in deterministic mode, no Monte Carlo.
I am not aware of any MimiFUND forum. I searched “mimiFUND forum”, looked at the Fund model home page and the mimiFUND readme file, but there is no mention of any mimiFUND forum. Please let me know if there is one. Otherwise I can email David Anthoff.

mimiFUND is simply a translation of the FUND IAM into the Mimi framework, and fielding questions about individual IAMs is out of scope of our work. Any questions about specific IAMs should be directed to the literature or the authors of those IAMs.