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Could MimiFramework be extended to broader social costs?


Working in the Sustainable Finance field, I’m considering to work on package development regarding social cost valuation for other issues than climate change related ones, such as stated in the Value Balancing Alliance Framework.

Does anyone already considered to extend MimiFramework models to some other issues (such as pollution, water consumption etc.)?
For a potential contributer, does the MimiFramework / Registry would be a good place for this sort of models or is it restricted to carbon social costs through IAM?

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Hi @tlorans thank you for the question! Mimi is developed to support models that fit the sort of structure and timestep running process of an integrated assessment model, but is not restricted to use for climate change related systems. Most use cases thus far have used IAMs in a climate change context, but one that comes to mind that steps outside the classic climate change IAM is AWASH as listed on our mimiframework.org splash page.

If the framework seems like one that would fit your needs, then we welcome the use case and are here to help as you develop to answer questions etc.!

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Hello @lrennels,

Yes indeed, this AWASH model is exactly the kind of IAM for non-climate change related issues I had in mind. Thank you for pointing this.

Great, will try to move forward on this :).

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