Monetary units in MimiDICE2013, MimiFUND, and MimiPAGE2009

What are the monetary units used in MimiDICE2013, MimiFUND, and MimiPAGE2009 estimates (e.g. SCC)? I am inferring they are respectively in $US 2005, $US 1995, and $US 2005, but I am not certain. Thanks.

I believe you are correct in those inferences, but will confirm with the respective modeling teams. @davidanthoff is this correct for PAGE and FUND?

I believe that is correct. It is certainly correct for MimiFUND. For the other models, we just use whatever price level the original model used, so the best way to figure this out is to read the original model documentation by Nordhaus and Hope.

Thanks for the quick answer, @lrennels @davidanthoff. Yes, the original model documentation of the two other models does mention prices in $US 2005. I was mainly unsure about the way these models were implemented in Mimi and whether any price standardization was performed under the hood. I understand all inputs and outputs are the same as in the original models then.

Yes, we just match the original models 1:1. In fact, if you look at the automatic tests for each models (e.g. here) you can see that we run code that checks that we get exactly the same output as one gets from the original model.