Mimi for Julia 0.7?

I am updating a body of Julia code to version 1.0, and wanted to follow the recommendation to first update it to Julia 0.7. Under Julia 0.7, Mimi v0.5.1 is being installed, with plenty of warnings and then an error. Is there a recommended version of Mimi to run under 0.7?

I am afraid not… That is a case we didn’t consider (but probably should have…). You could try to pkg> dev Mimi, change the REQUIRE entry for julia and hope for the best :wink:

Okay, so far the dev version of Mimi is working fine. In case you don’t see this, Julia 0.7 makes one complaint when loading Mimi:

- Warning: Deprecated syntax `multiple line breaks between doc string and object` at /home/risingj/.julia/dev/Mimi/src/mcs/montecarlo.jl:497.
│ Use `at most one line break` instead.
└ @ ~/.julia/dev/Mimi/src/mcs/montecarlo.jl:497
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Thanks I’ll fix this!