Error using MimiIWG

Good day! I am following a tutorial that requires MimiIWG. My Julia version is 1.10.4 .

I have already run registry add
and added MimiIWG.
st shows: Status ~/.julia/environments/v1.10/Project.toml
⌃ [b1d80750] MimiIWG v0.1.0
Info Packages marked with ⌃ have new versions available and may be upgradable.
I used “up” but it appears there are no new versions for MimiIWG v0.1.0.

Now the main problem that brought me here is that, “using MimiIWG” gives the error:
"ERROR: The following 1 direct dependency failed to precompile:

MimiIWG [b1d80750-afbf-11e9-0666-4f25b2ea2b65]
Failed to precompile MimiIWG [b1d80750-afbf-11e9-0666-4f25b2ea2b65] to “/home/peter/.julia/compiled/v1.10/MimiIWG/jl_fnBWEZ”.
ERROR: LoadError: UndefVarError: Simulation not defined
Stacktrace: …"


Oops! Resolved! Just realized the MimiIWG package requires Julia 1.5.

Hi @pansah thank you for your message, I’m glad it’s resolved but we should also bring this model up to running with v1.10. It hasn’t seen use in a bit which is likely why it’s behind, but I’ll add an issue on GitHub and see if the model developers can work on that.