Mimi Error with Julia v1.2

I just updated to Julia v1.2 and can’t use Mimi or any of the Mimi registry model packages. Other Julia packages work fine and Mimi works fine on v1.1.

I get the following errors after saying using Mimi:

.....julia\packages\SpecialFunctions\fvheQ\deps\usr\bin\libopenspecfun.dll cannot be opened, Please re-run Pkg.build("fvheQ"), and restart Julia.

ERROR: LoadError: Failed to precompile StatsFuns [4c63d2b9-4356-54db-8cca-17b64c39e42c]

ERROR: LoadError: Failed to precompile Distributions

ERROR: Failed to precompile Mimi [e4e893b0-ee5e-52ea-8111-44b3bdec128c] 

Any thoughts @lrennels @davidanthoff ? Thanks!

UPDATE: I sorted it out. I re-installed Julia v1.2 just to have a clean slate. I had to run Julia as an administrator to install Mimi and MimiRICE2010. Still got the same errors, but then had to run Pkg.build("SpecialFunctions"). Mimi and RICE then work (even if not run as an administrator). I saw the hint to try as an administrator here: Git Issue . Seems like it might be an issue with symlinks on Windows? Any thoughts on how to address this? I’m writing replication code for a paper and it’s not ideal to have Windows users run into this problem.

I think probably a simple pkg> build from julia 1.2 might have done the trick. Julia 1.1 and 1.2 share the same storage for packages, and that sometimes leads to somewhat weird situations.

Yea, running Pkg.build(SpecialFunctions) was the first thing I tried, but it still threw an error. I thought it was weird (which is why I posted this in the forum). Redoing this while running Julia as an administrator was the only thing that sorted it out, which is not an obvious solution for people new to coding that just want to run our model and replicate our results. As I mentioned, I got the idea from this Git site: Git Site with Administrator Stuff where multiple people say building the package as an administrator fixed a similar issue. This might also be specific to the version of windows you have. Either way, this is what solved it for me… with the strong caveat that I quickly got out of my comfort zone in terms of how the internal Mimi/Julia guts work.

My hope is that this was a quirk that was introduced by some old version of SpecialFunctions, and that more recent versions don’t have that issue…