Error with MimiFUND for AERE

I’ve managed to successfully carry out all the installation steps with no errors on a Mac running 10.14.5. However, when I attempt to call MimiFUND, I get several errors, starting with an apparent incorrect installation of Rsvg (see attached).

I’ve manually reinstalled the Rsvg package several times, and in each round installation appears successful.

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Oh, so there is no error message when you run build Rsvg? That is interesting, I think we haven’t had that problem before… I think we might have to try to fix this tomorrow together. We have some time scheduled for computer support issues like this.

In case anyone else is experiencing this, I may have stumbled across the answer. Looking through the error log, I found that the most recent Xcode install had not yet received the proper permissions.

Running “sudo xcodebuild -license” in Terminal called up the license agreement to complete the install.

After fixing that and running “build Rsvg”, things appear to work.

Sorry for the confusion!

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Ah, excellent, that is very good to know! If we have folks tomorrow that have the same problem, I might ask you to briefly describe your solution, if that is ok!