Mimi Setup for AERE


I am getting set up for the AERE workshop and ran into the following error when adding MimiDICE2010 etc:

I am on a Windows 10 machine. I have already installed conda previously (version 4.5.12 running python 2.7).

Any thoughts?


Try the following: start julia, then execute the following command:

julia> ENV["PYTHON"] = ""

Then change into the pkg REPL mode by pressing ], and then execute:

pkg> build

Hi David - I tried those instructions with the following result:

For some reason it seems unable to download things that it needs… Could you try to manually download the files that you see in the log there (they start with https:// URLs, for example the miniconda file). Does that work?

I’m wondering whether you have some anti-virus installed that blocks certain downloads? We’ve had something like that happen in the past for some person and I think that lead to similar issues.

We also have some time scheduled tomorrow to help with computer issues, so if we can’t resolve this today, we’ll try to figure it out tomorrow during that time!

Hi, I am having trouble on a previous step. I can’t install Jupyter. I am working on a Windows 10 machine and I already use Jupyter of Python.

Any ideas on why I am getting this problem?

Thanks a lot!

@Tales If you already have jupyter installed, you could also answer the question whether you want to install Jupyter via conda with no, and then it should (in theory) just integrate with your existing jupyter installation.

@davidanthoff I think this may have done it - I pointed Julia to an existing python install and then was able to build PyCall without error:

julia> ENV["PYTHON"]="C:\\Users\\Andy Hultgren\\AppData\\Local\\Programs\\Python\\Python36\\python.exe"
"C:\\Users\\Andy Hultgren\\AppData\\Local\\Programs\\Python\\Python36\\python.exe"

julia> Pkg.build("PyCall")
  Building Conda ─→ `C:\Users\Andy Hultgren\.julia\packages\Conda\CpuvI\deps\build.log`
  Building PyCall → `C:\Users\Andy Hultgren\.julia\packages\PyCall\ttONZ\deps\build.log`

MiniFUND.compute_scc(year = 2020, eta=0., prtp=0.03) returned a value of 23.92 – so I think I am good to go!

Thanks for your help David and looking forward to tomorrow.


thanks for your response. It’s working now.

Great, glad things are working!