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Hi all! From what I can tell, MimiFAIR is v1.3, and re-written in .jl, is that correct? Is anyone aware of work bringing this to current FAIR 1.6.2, either recoding MimiFAIR, or maybe development towards a wrapper in .jl that simply runs the .py model? (or perhaps the simplest solution is to run FaIR as developed and pass parameters to Mimi IAMs?)



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Hi @parthum, I am not currently aware of an individual or group working to add MimiFAIR v1.6.2 to the Mimi framework, although it is possible it is on the docket for the RFF group this summer.

@FrankErrickson @davidanthoff do you know of any current work on this?

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Hi @parthum I talked with the maintainer of the Julia FAIR repository, and his general plan is to update to FAIR 2.0 when that is released, as it seems that that will include structural changes like feedbacks for non-CO2 gases etc., whereas the changes from 1.3 → 1.6+ don’t necessarily seem that they would make a large difference in outputs and might be difficult to replicate (in his opinion, I haven’t dug into the details).

Here’s a working paper on FAIR 2.0: GMDD - FaIRv2.0.0: a generalised impulse-response model for climate uncertainty and future scenario exploration

Great, thank you! And thanks for the paper… exactly what I was looking for :jigsaw: