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PSA: Better Parameter API

Hello users! I wanted to let you know that we are putting the finishing testing and documentation touches on a revamp of our handling of setting and updating parameters, mostly driven by really helpful requests and comments from you all.

These changes will not be breaking, so your models should still work, and if your model hits one of the corner cases I could not maintain (just PAGE and IWG I believe) I will make the changes and a PR for you and be in touch.

I whole to merge into master sometime this week, and then before tagging a new release I’ll give you the opportunity to read the docs describing the new recommended API, its relationship to the old one, and easiest paths for updating code. If you have the chance, give it a read after I post it (I’ll link here) and give me any feedback you have. We can also maintain a thread here for any questions for this moving forward.

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The new parameter syntax is here and tagged in a feature release of Mimi 1.3.0!

(1) This should not be breaking, so all changes can be made on your time as you see fit. If you see anything in your package break and I have not yet been in touch about it, please let me know!

(2) See a full description here: 5 Parameters + Variables · Mimi.jl

(3) … and a guide to updating your existing code here: 9 Port to New Param API · Mimi.jl

Comments/Concerns are welcome!