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Changing input scenarios to MimiFUND

Hi team,

I would like to use MimiFUND with other input scenarios than the default ones (original SSP + versions for zero migration that I developed this summer).

How should I proceed ? Can I set the scenpgrowth, scenypcgrowth etc. to csv files of my choosing, just like I do with parameters?



I have a very similar questions. I would like to use different Emission Scenarios when calculating the SCC for FUND (as well as DICE and RICE?). I my case it would suffice if I could simply use different SRES Scenarios, but the newer ones (RCP+SSP) would of course be fine as well

Is it possible to add that feature to the functions that calculates SCC for the respective IAMs.

Thanks Quirin

Hi @hbenveniste and @Quirin thank you for the question! @davidanthoff, @ckingdon95, and I will discuss during the week and get back to you as soon as we can!

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We will discuss the possibility of adding in SSP scenarios to the existing functionality in a user-friendly way, but in the mean time, what @hbenveniste suggested is correct. You can modify the scenpgrowth and scenypcgrowth parameter values by changing their CSVs for now.