FUND-model scenarios

Hello. I have recently started using Mimi Framework on my home computer and have found the subject matter interest. Though not to the most advanced computer user, I have found the framework to be very interesting.

I noticed while reading the documentation for the FUND-model that there are already tables for various scenarios, that seem to come from research used in the IPCC reports. If I understand the documentation correctly, a usual FUND run uses the team’s own “FUND scenario”.

Is it at all possible to use any of the other emissions scenarios. I am asking as there seems to has been question similar to mine and I was wondering if the advice is applicable or up to date.

Thank you for reading my question!

Hello, again.

I might have been unclear in my original message. What I am referring to are the tables P and Y in the FUND documentation that refer to SRES A1B, A2, B1 and B2 scenarios. If I understand correctly, these scenarios are in FUND, but if a given parameter is not changed, then the model uses the “FUND scenario”. I was wondering what parameter one needs to manipulate to change the scenario.

Thank you for reading my message!

Hi @cloneof sorry for the delay! Looking at these questions and the post you mentioned above I think you would need to either (1) update the input files to the Socioeconomic component to match the ones you are hoping to use or (2) use the scenconverter.jl component and link it up if you don’t have all of the variables that the Socioeconomic component wants.

I see some scenario data here but I don’t think the current FUND model in Mimi has a simple switch or Parameter to use different SRES scenarios. If you have the driving scenario data that you would want to use, I can help you step through how you would update the parameters to try running it though. The advice may look a lot like the post mentioned already … but we can see if anything in Mimi has updated since then since it was a few years ago.