Computing SCC with a changed socioeconomic component in MimiFUND

Hi team,

I am trying to compute the SCC for my modified FUND model. My problem is that I modified the socioeconomic component, now called mig_socioeconomic; and now this component is not recognized by the function _compute_sc_from_mm used by MimiFUND.compute_sc to compute the SCC.

What would be your suggestion? Should I rewrite my own version of compute_sc? Is there a way to do this that would make sure I keep up to date with your changes to MimiFUND.compute_sc ?


Hi Hélène,

The internal _compute_sc_from_mm function called by compute_sc assumes that there is a component named :socioeconomic with a parameter or variable called :ypc (and if compute_sc is called with equity_weights=true and equity_weights_normalization_region=0, then there must also be a parameter or variable named :globalypc).

Does your new :mig_socioeconomic component have a parameter or variable called :ypc ? If so, then I would recommend naming your component :socioeconomic when you add it to your model, and then the compute_sc function should still work: add_comp!(m, mig_socioeconomic, :socioeconomic) (the optional third argument to add_comp! is the name you can give to the component that can be different than the definition of the component).

However, if your :mig_socioeconomic component doesn’t have a :ypc, then you will need to write your own function. Hope this helps!

Hi Cora,
this is very helpful, thanks! I do also have ypc and globalypc variables so your solution works great.
Thanks again,