Changing GDP and GDP/capita data in Mimi GIVE


I was wondering what the easiest way to modify the GDP data from RFF SSPs is. I found the source RFF SSPs but couldn’t figure out how and where they were getting imported into GIVE. I was looking at /packages/MimiGIVE/src/components/PerCapitaGDP.jl, packages/MimiRFFSPs/src/components/SPs.jl, packages/MimiGIVE/src/components/netconsumption.jl as places where GDP and per capita GDP shows up but couldn’t figure out what the best way to uniformly change the values is.
I would still like the new GDP data to be linked to the original RFF SSPs (for e.g. make the GDP value calculated for each Monte Carlo simulation 80% of the RFF SSP original value).
Would you mind just sharing the basic structure of how to accomplish this?
Sorry if this is too basic!
Thanks so much for your help!


Hi @kiranchawla since this is model specific I’m going to move your question over to the MimiGIVE repository and answer it there, is that alright? Nothing is too basic this is a great question.

Feel free to ping me here or there with further questions!