Adding wildfire as GIVE damage sector

Hi - I’m a graduate student at Colorado State University. I’m working with a group at CSU, and we are beginning to think about adding wildfire damages to the GIVE model. We have the model running and have started to think about how to model global wildfire damages. We thought we’d reach out here to see if anyone else is thinking about this topic. If anyone has any thoughts or advice, we’d appreciate your input. This is a great forum. Thank you for hosting it.

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I haven’t been working actively on this sector, but am one of the core developers of the GIVE model and think this would be such a great addition to the model. I’m more than happy to be in touch if you want to chat or have questions, feel free to do so here if they are generally Mimi related, on the GIVE model Github repo if they are GIVE related, or send me an email.


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Hello Lisa,

Thanks so much for your feedback. I will post to the GIVE model Github repo for those questions and plan to follow up with you separately as well.