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Mimi.FUND Tax parameters


I’m new user to Mimi and Julia. This is really a great tool. Thank you all! I have 4 questions about the tax parameters in the FUND model ( MimiFUND.jl/EmissionsComponent.jl at master · fund-model/MimiFUND.jl · GitHub).

  1. I’m not sure about the meanings of the parameters including taxpar, taxmp, currtax, taxconstant, taxemint, taxthreshold, and taxdepreciation. Is there any reference for these parameters and their range?

  2. The variable co2red I guess is the tau in eq. CO2.2 in the documentation. Is there any reference for its function?

  3. The CO2 emission calculation function is involved with v.seei and v.scei, which seems different from the eq. CO2.1. Is there any reference for this one?

  4. I didn’t find the calculation of Cost of emission reduction eq. CO2.7. Is it involved in the package?

Thank you very much!

Hi @lguo we’re so glad you are finding the tool useful! I do not off the top of my head have answers to these questions since I am more of an expert on the Mimi tool as opposed to the individual models that have been constructed on the platform, but I will check in with my more FUND-knowledgeable colleagues to see if they can help out and respond here soon!

Hi @lrennels, very nice. Thank you!

Hi @Irennels, did you have some more informations about these variables?
I agree with Iguo, what is done in the code regarding the abatement costs computation through emissions reduction is unclear and and do not correspond to the documentation/paper.

Indeed, for example, it seems there are some steps for the computation of co2red which are not published in the documentation…