Issue with Gams version of MimiDICE2013

The following code works:

using MimiDICE2013
m = getdiceexcel()

The following code throws an error:

using MimiDICE2013
m = getdicegams()

For the Gams case, the error I get is: ERROR: MethodError: no method matching getparams(::ExcelReaders.ExcelFile)

Hi @FrankErrickson sorry for the delay through the holidays, I can look into this but before I do @ckingdon95 is there a simple answer her that I don’t know?

@lrennels @ckingdon95 Any thoughts/updates on this?

Hi @FrankErrickson sorry for the delay, yes it looks like there’s a little typo I’ll work on fixing it today just checking with @ckingdon95 to figure out the right fix.

@ckingdon95 line 83 of parameters.jl looks buggy to me, I think it’s missing a parameter but I’m not sure which line of the Excel file it should be using?

p[:damadj] = getparams(f, ) #Adjustment exponent in damage function

OH … @FrankErrickson you fixed it thank you!