Export of parameter_dimensions, variable_dimensions, parameter_names?

I was looking for what function replaced getindexlabels(model, component, name), and I think the answer is parameter_dimensions and variable_dimensions, where I should check which one to use based on, e.g., the parameter_names list.

My questions are:

  1. Does that sound right for the intended approach?
  2. If this is the “supported” way of doing this, can that be reflected by exporting these three functions?


That does sound right for the intended approach. Can you open an issue on Github suggesting those additions to the export list for Mimi (or I can do so and tag you if that’s easier)? I want to check with the dev team since we’re trying to be prudent about the exported API.

No problem!
Here are some more characters so I can post this.

We will add four functions to the export list: parameter_dimensions, variable_dimensions, parameter_names, and variable_names