Time must be the first dimension?

Sorry to be a pain again, but I’d like to understand how deep the requirement that time be the first dimension goes. Updating my model to conform to this seems like a pretty daunting task. Besides, it was David who encouraged me to put time at the end, since it’s more efficient.

On consideration, since my model is about 2x the size of Mimi, I would be more inclined to try to help update Mimi to remove this restriction, rather than update my model. Can you help me understand more of what would be involved?

I think this is probably also best handled as a github issue: ideally we can loosen that requirement on Mimi’s side, and then it is something we need to change in Mimi.

Sorry for that (now) not very helpful pointer with the ordering of the time dimensions… I think one lesson from this is that we really need to get the repo that tests existing models back up and running again, so that the dev team actually realizes if we cause trouble like this.

As I went to make an issue on it, Github asked me if I knew about https://github.com/mimiframework/Mimi.jl/issues/388. So, we can continue the discussion there.

@jrising we merged the time branch into master, so you can just add #master now, and of course this will be included in our next tagged release as well!

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